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Fruit Bouquet, Valentine’s Day Gift Advice

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We were recently contacted by one of our readers with this question: Dear Edible Fruit, Three months ago, I met a nice girl online. Everyday we talk for an hour and throughout the day, we text each other. Although, we … Continue reading

What to Omit When Sending a Bouquet of Fruit + Valentines Day

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Few Americans equate a bouquet of fruit to the love of their life. Yet, for some reason when it comes to gift ideas for Valentine’s Day, there seems to be an abundance of fruit basket gift ideas online. Perhaps, it … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day: Sexy Facts About Chocolate Dipped Fruit

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Ever ponder why chocolate dipped strawberries are such a popular Valentine’s Day gift? Indeed, there is something sensuous about a smooth, shell of milk or dark chocolate, shroud of strawberries. Wonder why it’s a good idea to send some form … Continue reading

Edible Gift Basket Company Leaves Unsavory Taste on 2-14-12

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February 14th 2012 was not the romantic, blissful  day it was meant to be for all the consumers, who ordered an edible gift basket. An assortment of fruit basket reviews indicate that Valentine’s Day was tainted for some in Boston, Massachusetts. … Continue reading

How to Make a Fresh Fruit Basket for Valentine’s Day

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True love knows how to make a  fresh fruit basket the organic way for Valentine’s Day. Long before, the gift basket behemoths Edible Arrangements, Cherry Moon Farms and Harry& David garnered an online reputation as the go to source for the … Continue reading