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Fruit Flower Fact Sheet

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While the fruit bouquet company, Edible Arrangements maintains an active name in media headlines, a contending company, Fruit Flower garners a robust backstory.  The Incredible Franchise Corporation is the parent company of Fruit Flower. From the company’s inception to its latest offerings, … Continue reading

Edible Arrangements Vs. Fruit Flower, an Edible Basket Company

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Between its top page ranking on  major search engines and headlines news, Edible Arrangements tends to standout amongst its competitors of  edible  basket companies.  Nonetheless, Fruit Flower.com, a contending fruit bouquet company quietly upholds a compelling history, and a comparable business … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Day Fruit Centerpieces or Edible Fruit Bouquets

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 Setting the table with fruit centerpieces reminisces modest times of when the settlers and American Indians gathered for the first Thanksgiving Day dinner. It was an era when the pioneers did not have GPS to navigate them to America. The … Continue reading

When Edible Fruit Baskets Serve the Party

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What do Christmas, birthdays and Labor Day share in common? Each commemorates a significant day, where gatherings and celebrations are often the norm.  Comparable cake, edible fruit baskets has become a frequent member of the merrymaking menu. Edible Fruit compiled a … Continue reading

What Does It Take to Own a Fruit Basket Franchise?

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Edible Arrangements and Fruit Flowers typify the nation’s most recognized fruit basket franchises. As the vying companies present similar edible fruit baskets and franchise opportunities, the following facts describe pertinent details to investing in a fruit basket franchise.  Fifteen states … Continue reading