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Edible Fruit Company Dubs Many Monikers

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What do DippedFruit.com, Edible.com and FruitDesigns.com have in common? Aside from being websites selling fresh fruit gifts, the URL addresses belong to the same edible fruit company. Among the most beloved fruit bouquet companies, one entity maintains a growing list of … Continue reading

Some Fruit Bouquet Companies Quench Consumers Thirst

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Every five or so years, entrepreneurs seem to develop adaptable, but lovable  franchise business models. As edible gift baskets continue to boast solid revenues, smoothies and frozen yogurts have been quietly growing popularity in communities across America and among new … Continue reading

Fruit Basket Franchise Vs. Joining an Edible Fruit Affiliate Program

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Which business model do  you prefer a fruit basket franchise  or to become an affiliate of a major edible fruit company brand? These business opportunities are diametric in day-to-day operations, capital and even marketing. Prospective owners of Edible Arrangements fruit basket franchise … Continue reading

How to Make an Edible Basket a Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift

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While an edible basket made by a leading edible fruit company is a nice idea, fruit few online gift stores are not known for creating a sexy Valentine’s Day baskets. Certain elements of the edible basket are considered aphrodisiacs and make for a ripe Valentine’s Day gift idea. Use these ideas: Continue reading

How to order an Edible Fruit Basket for Bosses Day?

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How to order an edible fruit basket for Bosses Day with minimal office drama. Use this quick to-do list to put the plan in actio Continue reading