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Some Edible Bouquets Sooth an Addiction to Chocolate

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Certain edible bouquets ooze with an adequate dose of chocolate, or at least enough to satisfy a chocoholic’s cravings. Among the top ten most recognized brands, one fruit bouquet company epitomizes luxury chocolate. That would be The Chocolate Covered Company’s. … Continue reading

DIY Fruit Baskets to Celebrate Autumn

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Autumn is blessed with rich reds, browns, yellows, oranges and a touch of green. Making your own fruit basket dedicated to this season is easy, fun and inexpensive! Make one for your dining room or kitchen table, for friends and … Continue reading

Giving Dads Good Father’s Day Gift Baskets

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Compared to mom, father’s generally get the short end of the stick when it comes to their special day: Father’s Day. As flower arrangements, fruit bouquets, and a box of chocolate are not the atypical items, which make dad ooh … Continue reading

5-Reasons It’s OK to Give an Edible Fruit Bouquet on Valentine’s Day

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Maybe, it’s the type of partnership that is not based on the size of the flower arrangement or meeting a standard on Valentine’s Day. There are five reasons it’s okay to give an edible fruit bouquet: Continue reading

How to Make an Edible Basket a Sexy Valentine’s Day Gift

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While an edible basket made by a leading edible fruit company is a nice idea, fruit few online gift stores are not known for creating a sexy Valentine’s Day baskets. Certain elements of the edible basket are considered aphrodisiacs and make for a ripe Valentine’s Day gift idea. Use these ideas: Continue reading