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Consumer Intelligence: Ordering a Fresh Fruit Basket

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For the consumer, who has never bought a fresh fruit basket before, there are three things to be cautious of: 1) First know the different types of edible  baskets;  2) beware of  fruit bouquet delivery costs and policies,; pluscaution is … Continue reading

Edible Basket Company Implicated in Chocolate Dipped Fruit Scandal

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Perhaps, the edible basket company, Indulged is at the helm of a fruit scandal, several consumer conflicts and a potential addiction epidemic.  Some deem it to be an oxymoron that a fruit bouquet company overlooks the fruit. Inventory reports suggest … Continue reading

Why an Edible Basket Fulfills The Valentine’s Day Dilemma

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Sending a box of candy with a bouquet of flowers is the typical Valentine’s Day offering. Aside from lingerie, baubles or the overpriced dinner, what’s a gent to buy a suitor for Valentines Day without going over the top or … Continue reading

3-Guarantees That Don’t Come with a Fruit Basket Delivery

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Some consumers are unaware of the no guarantees, which often accompany  a fruit basket delivery. An edible basket delivery is not the type of purchase that can withstand a delay or unforeseen events. From an inaccurate address to the recipient being … Continue reading