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Chocolate Dipped Fruit Recipe

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Whether you’re going to a holiday celebration or are in the mood for homemade chocolate dipped fruit. The taste of a chocolate hard shell enveloping a piece of ripe fruit tickles the palate with hints of sweet and juicy pleasures. … Continue reading

Strawberry Chocolate Dipped Fruit Imparts Nutrition

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Among the chocolate dipped fruits, commonly found in the edible fruit bouquet, the strawberry’s nutritional qualities often go unnoticed. Perhaps, it has to do with its covering. Once shrouded in an extra thick coating of chocolate, particularly with at least … Continue reading

Why an Edible Basket Fulfills The Valentine’s Day Dilemma

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Sending a box of candy with a bouquet of flowers is the typical Valentine’s Day offering. Aside from lingerie, baubles or the overpriced dinner, what’s a gent to buy a suitor for Valentines Day without going over the top or … Continue reading

Chocolate Dipped Fruit Reviews

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Few people are aware that the fruit bouquet company known for carving fruit in the shape to resemble an edible bouquet, Edible Arrangements also owns Dipped Fruit. From cinnamon, mixed nuts to chocolate dipped fruit, the holiday gift ideas are not as … Continue reading

Edible Fruit Baskets Vs. Cake

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How would you compare the difference between edible fruit baskets to cake? From color, cost to calories, these consumable party favorites consist of a litany of differences. It used to be that  the cake commanded all the attention at birthday parties … Continue reading