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How to Select a Pear

Select firm, fragrant pears that do not have soft spots on their skin but are firm and free from bruises. A pear is ripe when the stem end of the fruit is gently pressed and it gives slightly. Pears ripen best at home on the counter rather than on the tree. Because they are delicate they are frequently picked before they are ripe.

How to Store Pears

Store pears at room temperature until ripe and then store them in the refrigerator for up to a week.

PearsHow to Freeze Pears

Wash, peel, core and slice the pears. To prevent discoloration, cover pears in an ascorbic acid solution. Place pear slices in a single layer on a baking sheet and put the baking sheet in the freezer until the slices are frozen. Once the pears are frozen place them in a freezer container or freezer bag and store them in the freezer.

How to Ripen Pears

When you purchase pears that are still too hard you can ripen them at home. Place the pears in a brown paper bag, folding the top over and keeping the bag at room temperature. The ethylene gas from the pears will help them ripen. To speed up the process add an apple or banana to the bag. Remember to check the bag daily for ripe pears. Once the pears have ripened store them in the refrigerator to maintain quality.

Pear Recipes

Apple and Pear Galette
Baked Pears
Caramelized Spiced Pears
Christmas Pickled Pears
Dried Pears
Old-Fashioned Pear Dessert
Pear and Cinnamon Smoothie
Pear Vanilla Bread
Vanilla Pear Coffee Cake
Vanilla Spice Pear Butter

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