Dragon Fruit / Pitaya

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How to Select Dragon Fruit

Ripe dragon fruit has bright, evenly colored skin. A few blotches on the skin are normal but numerous blotches are a sign of over-ripeness. The dragon fruit should give a little when held in the palm of the hand and pressed. If it is too soft then it is overly ripe and if it is too firm it is not ripened yet and will need to sit on the counter until it has a little give. A dry and brittle stem or brown tips on the leaves are evidence of an over-ripe fruit. A ripe dragon fruit will have a light and tropical aroma.

How to Store Dragon Fruit

Fresh dragon fruit can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days.

Dragon FruitHow to Freeze Dragon Fruit

Freezing dragon fruit pulp will result in an altered texture so it is best to use the frozen fruit for a sauce, ice cream topping, smoothie or sorbet.

How to Ripen Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit are typically harvested close to their full ripe stage because they do not continue to ripen after they have been harvested. The flavor will not sweeten any further, however, if you purchase a Dragon Fruit that is too firm, allow it to sit on the counter and soften for a couple of days. A Dragon Fruit should be soft but not mushy.

Dragon Fruit Recipes

Dragon Fruit Brunch Crunch
Dragon Fruit Cheese Cake
Dragon Fruit Ice Pops
Dragon Fruit Jam
Dragon Fruit Jellies
Dragon Fruit Panna Cotta
Dragon Fruit Salad
Dragon Fruit Shake
Dragon Fruit Smoothie
Seared Scallops with Dragon Fruit Salsa

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