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A Recipe for an Edible Fruit Basket

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The recipe for a edible fruit basket is easy, it simply requires gathering the right assortment of fruits and arranging them into an awe-inspiring presentation. This edible fruit basket recipe requires fresh tropical fruits such as: Pineapple Strawberries Grapes Cantaloupe Honeydew Melon Select the … Continue reading

Fruits in Season – Winter

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Snowflakes are falling, it’s cold out there, we’re trying to stay bundled up inside with a mug of warm hot chocolate. It seems that nothing is growing in this icy tundra, are there any fruits in season? There’s good news! … Continue reading

Chocolate Dipped Fruit Recipe

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Whether you’re going to a holiday celebration or are in the mood for homemade chocolate dipped fruit. The taste of a chocolate hard shell enveloping a piece of ripe fruit tickles the palate with hints of sweet and juicy pleasures. … Continue reading

Avocados as a Weight Loss Aid?

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Avocados are known as a fatty food that is usually avoided by those hoping to lose weight. However, the type of fat contained in avocados has been found to be beneficial in enhancing metabolism levels. An avocado contains about 4 … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Dinner: Easy Recipes With the Fresh Fruit Bouquet

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A party platter sized fresh fruit bouquet makes a spectacular centerpiece for the Thanksgiving Day Dinner, at least until it’s time to carve the turkey. Before the big meal, allow guests to snack on the fresh fruit platter. It shouldn’t ruin anyone’s … Continue reading