What is a Fruit Compote?

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Compote is a rich, thick, fruit sauce dessert which contains fresh or dried fruit that has been stewed and broken down in syrup containing sugar and other spices such as vanilla, cloves or cinnamon.  The fruit may be whole or pureed, fresh, frozen or dried.  When using dried fruit it will need to soak in water first. Compote recipes will sometimes include alcohol such as rum, brandy or liqueur.

Making a fruit compote is a great way to use up fruit before it spoils. Compote is a delicious sauce for topping ice cream, French toast, waffles, adding to yogurt, or even using as a substitute for jam.  The sugar content in compote is lower than that of jam so it is a healthier alternative and it is easier to make.

Plums, Strawberries, Raspberries, Blackberries, Apples and Cherries are all fruits suitable for compote.  Compote can be made with just 1 variety of fruit or a combination of different fruits.

Below you will find a variety of fruit compote recipes:

Apple Compote
Blackberry Compote
Cherry Compote
Fresh Fruit Compote
Fresh Fruit Compote: The Perfect Pancake Topper
Strawberry Compote

If you try compote for the first time or have a recipe you’d like to share please leave a comment.

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