Edible Fruit Company Dubs Many Monikers

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What do DippedFruit.com, Edible.com and FruitDesigns.com have in common? Aside from being websites selling fresh fruit gifts, the URL addresses belong to the same edible fruit company. Among the most beloved fruit bouquet companies, one entity maintains a growing list of alias URL addresses. And while the edible fruit company is not trying to mislead its loyal following, it appears that the company is protective of anyone buying a domain that refers to any of its offerings.

Edible Arrangements.com happens to be the most popular fruit basket company’s The flagship website.

Edible Arrangements edible fruit company

Edible fruit company, Edible Arrangements
owns kiosks across the globe and numerous URL addresses.

Edible.com is one of the website properties owned by EA. When visitors access the site, the web page appears to be linked to Edible Arrangement’s home page as a campaign redirect. Nevertheless, “edible” is also the edible fruit company’s handle on Twitter.

For several years now, Edible Arrangements’ wedding division has been accommodating the bridal shower party, rehearsal dinners, the nuptials reception as well as the favors and gifts. Despite the extra service, Edible Arrangements did not find it necessary to invest in an extra domain.

In the United States, the fruit bouquet giant houses franchises in the following states. California, Michigan, Oregon, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, New York, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

Although Edible Arrangements owns three other sites with various URLs, the sites: EdibletoGo.com, SendEA.com and FruitDesigns.com, appear to be linked to the parent site, Edible Arrangements.com.

Touting a distinct web design, the DippedFruit.com looks nothing like Edible Arrangements’ flagship website. Featuring four products with different price points, starting at $39, $45 and $68, Edible Arrangement’s subsidiary site focuses on fruit smothered in white, milk and dark chocolate. Other dipped fruit toppings include cinnamon, coconut shavings and crushed almonds to name a few.

While edible arrangements happens to be one of the most recognized names in gift baskets, the edible fruit company is also renowned for it’s successful franchise model. And, when it comes to attracting enthusiastic new franchisees, the company inspires all at EAFranchise.com. by reporting the achievements of its current owners.

Globally, Edible Arrangements has a presence in the following nations: Canada (Ontario, Alberta, and Prince Edward Islands only), Mexico, Australia, Italy, Japan, France, Spain, Belgium, Sweden, Romania, Taiwan, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, South Africa, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Malaysia, Russia, and China.

And as for websites to bookmark or at least visit before finalizing a fruit bouquet order, EdibleArrangementsCoupons.com offers a definitive savings.

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