Why You’re Better Off Shopping at a Fruit Bouquet Store

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Edible Arrangements

Fruit bouquet brands: Edible Arrangements and Harry + David locations are easing holiday fruit basket shopping with locations across the US. (Photo: Courtesy Edible Arrangements.com)

Holiday Fruit Basket Shopping Secrets

Last year when fruit bouquet leader, Edible Arrangements launched its rebranded Edible to Go trademark, the concept was to capture high traffic shopping areas. But, the concept of fast service kiosks and stores in densely populated shopping centers proves positive for growing consumer loyalty. And for customers, shopping for holiday gift baskets, there’s plenty of evidence that shopping at a fruit bouquet store is better than the online experience.

Here’s why.

Quality Control
The peak holiday season poses many holes in quality assurance. By placing orders online and picking up fruit bouquets in person, consumers can check for fretting bruised fruit or other irregularities before buying. Online, some fruit bouquet companies contract other companies
to fulfill holiday fruit baskets. This often hinders quality control.

No delivery costs
The added benefit of buying holiday fruit baskets at malls or from direct stores is that you save a minimum of $10 or more in delivery costs, (depending on the fruit bouquet delivery fee).

FACTOID: For the holidays, fruit bouquet company Harry and David is renting space at malls across America. Meanwhile, Edible Arrangements continues to sprout more fast service locations from its Edible to Go division.

During the holidays everyone’s looking for a deal or a discount. Online, where coupons and other specials abound, the inventory of holiday fruit baskets is often limited. At mall kiosks Edible to Go, Edible Arrangements, Fruit Flowers and Harry and David generally feature holiday gift baskets at a cheaper price than online deals.

Personal customer service
Because there’s more accountability, and fruit basket owners know the value of a satisfied customer, in person service usually trumps online orders.

Share your experiences shopping for holiday fruit baskets at an in-store fruit bouquet company.

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