Life and Controversial Times of an Apple

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As September observes the edible fruit the apple, National Apple Month should not be misconstrued with buying a new resourceful piece of technology. But rather a time to savor the nutritional sustenance of the crisp and crunchy apple.

The apple’s backstory.
Apples have chronicled a controversial past since the biblical references of Adam and Eve.

Even though September is National Apple Month, certain varieties of the edible fruit grow all year round. For instance, Washington State apple grower reports that Granny Smith apples grow all year round.


September is National Apple Month.

While exotic fruits such as the mango, kiwi and pineapple have attempted to assume the spotlight or at least the crown for most preferred edible fruit…, the oval-heart shaped apple remains a staple among American families.

A market research poll, showed that apples account for the most popular fruit purchased at the grocery store.

Wise fruit
Among the other fruits, apples garner a reputation for knowledge and intelligence.

Don’t let a rotten apple spoil the bunch.
Washington State University Tree Fruit Research and Extension Center says that apples have to be handled with care to prevent apple rot. From picking at the proper maturity, cleaning and to storage, growers take several steps to thwart apple rot.

Edible fruit

Reports indicate that the edible fruit, the apple is at the core of good health

At the core…
The nutritional contents of an apple complements any weight plan, where fiber is essential. Bearing five grams of fiber, this fruit happens to be rich in nutritional value. Flavonoids, quercetin, pectin and phytochemicals are at the apple’s core of healthiness.

People say that…
“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” In recent years, researchers have been validating the statement. In particular, medical scientists have found that the nutrients contained in apples actually do reduce the chances of acquiring Alzheimer’s disease. Or at least, that’s what the growers and marketers of contend.

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