Fresh Fruit Desserts Trick Healthy Food Haters into a Treat

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3 Easy, Halloween Fresh Fruit Desserts

Now that many Americans suffer from Celiac disease and gluten allergies— cake, cookies and other flour laden baked goods are rapidly becoming less enticing than fresh fruit desserts.

For the average sweet lover, it’s unfathomable that fresh fruit desserts are taking the lead in sweet treats. Traditional sweet things lag behind ice cream, fresh fruit dessert and other nutrient rich favorites.

Other traditional favorites. In fact, the fresh fruit desserts are the rage at even Halloween celebrations. Three fresh fruit desserts trick and treat kids and adults (adverse to nutritional snacks) to consume and savor.

Halloween Fresh Fruit Parfait
>>>What’s needed?
1 Pineapple
3 Peaches
1 cantaloupe
4-5 pints of organic French vanilla yogurt
4-5 ramekins

fresh fruit desserts

How to make fresh fruit desserts for Halloween.

Slice or cut pineapples, peaches, and cantaloupe into one inch slices.

Skewer pineapples, peaches, pitted cherries, cantaloupe and other fresh fruits.

Place over a low to medium heat on a lightly sprayed grill. Turn skewered fruit every three to five minutes.

After grilling, layer the fruit with low fat yogurt in a ramekin or 4 -5 ounce fruit cup.

Tricked-out Fresh Fruit Treats
>>>What’s needed?
Fresh fruit (cantaloupe, pineapple, peaches)
5-6 tablespoons of caramel topping
2 teaspoons of Hazelnuts or roasted almonds

Optional: Buy an Edible Arrangement’s Halloween fresh fruit bouquet, where the fruit appears in the shape of a
witch. Take the remaining skewers of a fresh fruit basket. Spray the grill cook on each side for three minutes.

Slather caramel on one side and then sprinkle hazelnuts, or roasted almonds over the grilled fresh fruit dessert. Serve with lots of napkins to avert spills and splatters.

A Gooey Fresh Fruit Dessert
>>>What’s needed?
2 teaspoons of Hazelnuts or roasted almonds
3 tablespoons of caramel topping
3 medium sized marshmallows

Take an unpeeled banana, slit without breaking the peel on the other side. Fill with nuts, caramel and marshmallows. Then, wrap the banana in aluminum foil until completely covered.

Bake in the oven on 425 for 10 to 15 minutes. Now, you have a gooey fresh fruit dessert.

* All the above fresh fruit dessert recipes serve five guests and take less than 30 minutes of preparation.

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