Edible Fruit: 10-Facts on the Cherry

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From Washington DC, nutritional value to expressions using the term: “cherry” and “cherries” , chew on these interesting facts on cherries.


  • In 1906 Dr. David Fairchild, plant explorer and and official of the U.S. Department of Agriculture imported 75 flower cherry tree and and 25 sing flowered  from a nursery in Japan. After a recommendation and influence of  First  Lady Helen Taft, Dr. Fairchild had cherry trees planted along avenues in Washington D.C..
  • The legend that the first US president, George Washington cut down his father’s cherry tree fails to mention that the incident happened when he was 6-years old.
  • Cherries grow on hardy deciduous trees that do not require lots of water.


  • Numerous sweet cherry varieties grow in the Pacific Northwest. These are the Bing, Cashmere ™, Chelan, Lapins, Rainier Skeena, Sweetheart Tieton™. Other cherry varieties grow throughout North America, including: Anderson, Benton, Black York Kristin, Nugent. Glacier, Hudson, Regina Selah and White Gold.
  • The Tieton cherry’s season commences one week before the Bing Cherry (from early June through July). These mega-sized cherries taste moderately sweet.

    edible fruits cherry

    The idiom, “Life is a bowl of cherries,” was the title of a song composed during the Great Depression: by Lew Brown and Ray Henderson.

  • As North America’s premier sweet cherry, Bing sets the standard of comparison. A ripe Bing Cherry exudes firm crimson-red flesh. Intensely sweet, the edible fruit’s prime season runs from mid June through early August.
  • Tart cherry varieties include Montmorency, Schatten Meteor and North Star.
  • Rainier cherry exudes an extraordinary yellow speckled with blushes of red. These finely textures, delicate flavored cherries season begins shortly after Bing, from late June through early August.
  • Sweet with reddish-black with thick skin, Skeena™  has been growing in popularity among growers and consumers.  Reaching maturity 16-days following Bing cherries, the Skeena’s season runs from mid July through the beginning of August.


  • The anti-inflammatory properties found in cherries helps control gout and arthritis.
  • Cherries are rich in potassium.

How to pick a ripe cherry: Select cherries with a plump, firm and glossy-like flesh.  Never pick cherries with brown spotted, soft and squishy skin. (Also, for the best quality, keep cherries refrigerated until eating or serving.


  • The expression, “Life is a bowl of cherries” traces back to the songs composed during the great depression. “Life Is a Bowl of Cherries” chronicles songs composed during the Great Depression (Written by Lew Brown and Ray Henderson in 1931).
  • Bing cherries are also excellent gifts to send because they ship well.

Is a cherry your favorite edible fruit?

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