Valentine’s Day: Edible Fruit Bouquet Vs. Flowers

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It’s not surprising that Valentine’s Day represents the most popular day to send a flower bouquet. At many U.S. offices, Valentine’s Day often resembles a parade of flowers. Yet, an edible flower bouquet is better than a flower arrangement, especially if the recipient works in an office.

Here’s why:

Valentine’s Day embodies a day to commemorate love.

Some relationship experts recommend, “Break the routine, trying new and different things together.”

This mix things up mentality applies to gift giving on Valentine’s Day.  Edible fruit bouquets are distinctive as they come in many motifs, from the container, types of fruit, and dippings and so forth.

“I think it’s more meaningful to receive a bouquet of flowers on any day except Valentine’s Day,” states Barbara Fleming.

For the woman, whom receives flowers every year on Valentine’s Day the gift idea can grow a little stale.

Valentine’s Day edible fruit bouquet for him: At the “Sunny Day” bouquet is comprised of oranges, cantaloup, pineapples, grapes and strawberries ($55, price varies by locations and availability).

“I send my girlfriend flowers all the time. I prefer to send my lady something different from everyone else at the office. That’s why I send a bouquet of fruit and/or balloons for Valentine’s Day,” reveals Jason Rizzo.

According to retail market research, roses happen to top the five commonly delivered floral arrangements on Valentine’s Day. (But that does not mean that everyone should follow along).

fresh fruit, Valentine's Day

Which gift idea is best: a fruit bouquet or a floral arrangement for Valentine’s Day?

Edible fruit bouquets have a way of bringing office team members together. With an edible fruit bouquet, the recipient can share the arrangement with coworkers, spreading the love.

After Valentine’s Day comes and goes, then send her a floral arrangement at work.

Finally, edible fruit bouquet stores accommodate last minute requests on Valentine’s Day; whereas, a last minute flower delivery is simply out of the question.

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