Fruit Flower Fact Sheet

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While the fruit bouquet company, Edible Arrangements maintains an active name in media headlines, a contending company, Fruit Flower garners a robust backstory.  The Incredible Franchise Corporation is the parent company of Fruit Flower. From the company’s inception to its latest offerings, read these sweet, tart and colorful facts about the Fruit

  • Fruit franchise owners have the autonomy to set prices and choose containers. When customers order afresh basket delivery,  he or she should

verify the order with the franchise where the order is being filled if there are any disparities in the online product.

  • Fruit upholds a delivery policy similar to Edible Arrangements. Both fruit bouquet companies do not offer a refund for deliveries sent to the wrong address. Due to the freshness sensitivity of the carved fresh fruit bouquet, both companies will make every attempt to leave the delivery at the recipient’s door, with a neighbor or the mail room.
  • The capital needed to start a Fruit Flower franchise business ranges from $147,000-$218,950.
  • The fruit bouquet company showcases several products, which distinguish it from Edible Arrangements. For instance, Fruit Flower’s Thanksgiving,  Autumn collection, mango fruit bowl and vegetable bouquets represent the gift purveyor’s knack for innovative edible gifts.

From time to time, Fruit Flower responds to consumer questions and comments on its Facebook social media page.

  • In recent months, Fruit Flower customers have experienced problems when they have tried to redeem the coupon code. Consumers should contact the  franchise store, where the fruit arrangement is being fulfilled to inquire about coupon redemption.
  • The fruit franchise company  has more than 35-locations, spanning the Midwest, the West Coast, New England, Southwest and the Southeastern states,  Coast with one store in Utah.

Just like an Edible Arrangement should be consumed and/or refrigerated right away, the same rule applies to the Fruit Flower edible gift basket.


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