When Edible Fruit Baskets Are Banned from the Hospital

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At some hospitals and on the floors of certain medical facility in the U.S., flower arrangements and fruit bouquets are banned. In an effort to curtail airborne viruses, bacterial  and other bugs from propagating, the policy is common in situations, where patients have compromised immune systems and on infectious disease floors.

In Chicago at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, flowers and fruit baskets are banned items  on certain floors and departments of medicine. While an Edible Arrangement bouquet might be an acceptable gift, as the fruit is already carved, it’s not that sanitary for a patient to lay in bed dripping fruit juice all over his or her gown and bedding. Not to mention, it’s not really easy to consume these freshly carved edible fruit bouquets in one sitting.

The first evidence of medical facilities instituting such bans, was documented in a publication by the Centers for Disease Controls and Prevention (CDC) in the Healthcare Infection Control Practices Advisory Committee (HICPAC) general guidelines. Here’s what the guidelines for infectious disease reads:


“Exposure to plants and flowers has not been conclusively shown to cause fungal infections in HSCT recipients. However, most experts strongly recommend that plants and dried or fresh flowers not be allowed in the hospital rooms of HSCT recipients or candidates undergoing conditioning therapy because Aspergillus spp. have been isolated from the soil of potted ornamental plants (e.g., cacti), the surface of dried flower arrangements, and fresh flowers (5,7,24) [BIII].” by the CDC.

Fortunately, planet fruit bouquets and flowers are not the only get well gifts to send patients. In fact, there’s an entire list of gift ideas to send  someone hospitalized.

The floral arrangement and fruit basket have an apt replacement in a bouquet of balloons.

There’s nothing like a good book to keep someone cooped up, -entertained.

If the person, does not have any dietary restrictions, send a box of chocolate with a personal card. This get well gift idea is an apt replacement for the edible fruit gift.

Divert their attention with a hand held game, a puzzle book or other hands on brain teasers.

Yet, regardless if a hospital bans a fruit bouquet or flower arrangements, these get well items can always be deferred until the person is discharged.

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