Strawberry Chocolate Dipped Fruit Imparts Nutrition

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Among the chocolate dipped fruits, commonly found in the edible fruit bouquet, the strawberry’s nutritional qualities often go unnoticed. Perhaps, it has to do with its covering. Once shrouded in an extra thick coating of chocolate, particularly with at least 65 percent dark cacao, this dipped fruit immediately becomes a trophy of nutrition. Here’s how and why the strawberry with or without being chocolate dipped is intensely nutritious.

While the editors of are not recommending that anyone use a chocolate dipped strawberry as a facial cream, a study–which will be detailed later in this article suggests beneficial.

A ripe strawberry is red from the inside out, yet exudes firm qualities.  The most popular member of the chocolate dipped fruit basket is comprised of a copious source of anthocyanins, which happen to be an antioxidant. This nutritional component aids the body’s immune system by offering cell lines protection from conditions related to cancer skin. (2)

Nutrition Data considers the cherished strawberry a five star fruit for its weight loss qualities.

A cup of strawberries consists of 48.6 calories and 3.4 grams of fiber. Another reason strawberries afford a great source of nutrition is the vitamin C. (1)

For the expectant mother, with a craving for chocolate dipped strawberries, it is noteworthy that a cup of strawberries provide 36 percent of folate, a mineral vital to healthy childbearing.

Strawberries also happen to be uphold a another source of vitamin B,  potassium.

While no one is saying that one should use a strawberry dipped chocolate fruit bouquet for a facial…:  A trial study, published in the the ‘Journal of Agricultural Food Chemistry‘ suggested experiment has shown that strawberry extract mixed with skin cell cultures, serving as as a protector against ultraviolet radiation. (2)


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