Some Edible Bouquets Sooth an Addiction to Chocolate

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Certain edible bouquets ooze with an adequate dose of chocolate, or at least enough to satisfy a chocoholic’s cravings. Among the top ten most recognized brands, one fruit bouquet company epitomizes luxury chocolate. That would be The Chocolate Covered Company’s. Here,  delectable morsels of fruit immersed in extremely dense coatings of Belgium chocolate suit the cacao aficionado’s taste buds.

Clinical trials and medical research as documented in an article by Juniper Russo  indicates that  “the mood-elevating effects of chocolate are self-regulating …  and do not generally lead to physiological addiction except in extreme circumstances.”(Reference Chocoholism: Is Chocolate Addiction a Real Condition?

The contents of edible baskets have always upheld an enigmatic place in history. Starting with Eve, it was the apple that originally enticed her to break the laws in the legendary Garden of Eden. In Rome, grapes were a cherished fruit item that some were willing to sell their souls. These days, mailing an orange, single grape or strawberry would be an oddly, unappreciated gift. But, apply a gob chocolate over selected pieces of fruit, as seen in many edible bouquets and the gift idea g level.

For the cacao lover, fruit or sweet things that are not dipped in white, milk or dark chocolate are as satisfying as quaffing down a glass of tainted water.  Indeed, some habitual chocolate abusers deem  fruit dipped in chocolate tantamount to methadone for the heroine addict. Only, edible fruit bouquets are 100 percent legal.

Nonetheless, the Chocolate Covered Company gives chocoholics a real excuse to succumb to this guilty pleasure. For less than $40, there’s the fresh blueberries, shrouded in Belgian chocolate. Also, shoppers choose the type of chocolate preferred for all dipped fruits. Another absolutely decadent treat is the Chocolate Covered Company’s edible bouquet: a  pound of apricots, pineapples or figs —  presented with a choice of chocolate toppings.  ($59.95). These amazing treats all include free delivery and a card).

Which company produces your favorite edible bouquets drowned in chocolate? Are fruit baskets companies liable for enabling a chocolate addiction?

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