Buying the Best Edible Gift Basket

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U.S.  Consumers, shopping for a consumable present  are all too familiar with the endless choices of edible gift baskets  Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day are not the only time that shoppers are faced with what seems like a gazillion choices. Considering that at least a dozen companies seemingly dominate the online market, selecting the perfect bouquet of fruit calls for patience and an abundance of consumer intelligence to shop accordingly.

First note that  bouquets of fruit come in four formats: full pieces of fruit, carved fruit that resembles a flower,  organic fruit and chocolate

Edible gift baskets

Consumer information: on selecting the best edible fruit baskets.

First note that  bouquets of fruit come in four formats: full pieces of fruit, carved fruit that resembles a flower,  organic fruit and chocolate dipped fruit. At Edible Arrangements, Fruit Flower, and the Fresh Fruit Company, all bouquets of fruit are non-organic, but its consumable features are tantamount to floral arrangement, awe inspiring.

According to Global Newswire, the international gift industry is a $300 billion dollar business.

The fruit bouquet companies, which sell edible gift baskets in the full format are Harry & David, Golden Edibles, Cherry Moon Farms. The same companies offer organic fruit gift baskets.

However, it should be noteworthy that among the aforementioned fruit purveyors, Golden Edibles is the only company that does not outsource any segment of its inventory.

Classic Fruit Baskets

When Harry & David restructured in 2011,  the edible basket company streamlined its business model to that of Cherry Moon Farms, an e-commerce site. where an affiliated a network of flower and gift basket companies fulfill orders.

Three more recognized brands of chocolate dipped fruit include, Edible Arrangement’s, Golden Edible’s the Chocolate Covered Company and Shari’s Berrie’s, a sibling of Cherry Moon Farms. Chocolate addicts prefer the quality Belgian chocolate  typical of the Chocolate  Covered Company.  For convenience, price, Edible Arrangements and Cherry Moon Farms are the next best choices for the consumer, who does not have a fascination with chocolate.

Bargain hunters fare the best at Cherry Moon Farms, where the site features certain products are on a special discount.


Among the leading names of online gift stores, Golden Edibles boasts the best organic, selection. The edible gift basket company demonstrates its commitment to freshness, with a fresh guarantee and  several products include the fruit bouquet delivery cost.

Carved Fruit 

Edible Arrangements outdistances its contenders Fruit Flower and The Frest Fruit Bouquet Company for one reason only: hundreds of locations throughout the nation. However,  consumers can choose  company based on its immediacy to the recipient to assure quality and a reliable delivery.

Edible Fruit Bouquet Factoid: Fruit Flowers stuffs some of the  strawberries featured in the fruit bouquet with marshmallows.

Expect to spend $40 for a single serving fruit bouquet and  $70 bouquets intended for sharing..


As far as  the best pear selection is concerned, Harry & David wins, as it harvests its own organic pears named, Royal Riviera Pears.

 Add your two cents, which edible basket company is your favorite?


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