Are Edible Gift Basket Companies Trafficking Fruit?

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Indeed, the evolution of a piece of fruit is a compelling story. It is one of triumph and hope. The most ambitious fruit dreams of being harvested to be featured in a gift basket or even better, the home page of a website. After all the contents of an edible basket is supposed to be la crème de la crème. Void of bruises dings, and other blemishes, the fruit of the fruit basket is quite polished. Exuding a healthy glow, it yields the precise firmness and ripeness high in consumer demand. Yet, to some omnivores, the gift basket business is nothing more than a legal fruit trafficking entity.  

Depending on the edible bouquet company, certain fruits are grown organically, free of chemicals and pesticides. These fruits are  generally deemed the trophy fruits. As is the case with  Royal Riviera Pears by Harry and David. Even though these pears are not cultivated anywhere in the French Riviera,  but rather a native ofOregon, the fruit is conditioned at an early age of its royalty.

A similar programming rings true amid the fruit harvested by Golden Edibles. The edible gift baskets are comprised of fruits often shrouded in chocolate coatings so thick it would impair any individual’s vision. Nonetheless, Golden Edibles flagrantly flaunts the highly coveted bouquets of fruit, knowing that consumers are willing to pay top dollar, regardless of the fruit’s treatment.

While the fruit of Edible Arrangements, Fruit Flower or the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company are not cultivated under the guise of royalty or elite status, cantaloupe, pineapples, orange, apples and strawberries endure a life of brutality and inhumane treatment.

In order to be presented in the edible bouquet, fruits are tortured with kebab skin piercings, drowned in chocolate and stabbed for reconstructive surgery (to resemble a flower). Yet, consumers are willing to turn a blind eye to the plight of fruit.

Consumers love serving and sending bouquets of fruit because they are hassle free, ideal  for celebrations, as well as delicious and nutritious.

There is speculation that many of these fruits grow up hoping to be featured in magazines, catalogs. On the contrary, the life of a model piece of fruit is short. While some are chosen for the photo shoot, many end up in the garbage; never reaching its full potential, being savored.

Fruit advocates contend that  many edible gift basket companies are fruit trafficking. Meanwhile, most counter that fruit is meant to be cut, dipped and consumed.

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