Edible Basket Company Implicated in Chocolate Dipped Fruit Scandal

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Perhaps, the edible basket company, Indulged is at the helm of a fruit scandal, several consumer conflicts and a potential addiction epidemic.  Some deem it to be an oxymoron that a fruit bouquet company overlooks the fruit. Inventory reports suggest that batches and batches of over-sized morsels of chocolate have been going out in droves.

Unlike the obvious chocolate dipped fruit created by Edible Arrangements,  where the fruit is generally identifiable, the Indulged company has been concealing  its passion fruit with chocolate, resembling masterpieces by Gauguin, Van Gogh and Picasso. Aptly dubbed the Payard Masterpiece I ($$4.95), 30-homemade pieces of Bonnard milk chocolate are laced with Grand Marnier, raspberry ganache, Cupidon white chocolate and other decadent ingredients.

The problem is that when recipients receive the luxury boxes, a sensational battle takes place between the eyes and mouth. Obviously, the palate triumphs, but the decadent chocolates are to blame for this inner turmoil, transpiring between the areas of the brain responsible for visual and palatial stimulus.

Indulged is the cause of additional conflict. It has been alleged that the edible basket company is attributable to the growing number of chocoholics.

Indulged is a relative of Golden Edibles, The Chocolate Covered Company and Incredible Berries.

By other accounts, the edible basket company does not appear to be concealing all of its chocolate dipped fruit. For instance, it’s  subsidiary Incredible Berries’ 24K Golden Strawberry exudes a  piece of fruit speckled in gold dust .  When one bites into the chocolate covered raspberries and blueberries, the profile of a fresh fruit becomes quite apparent

Nonetheless, both addicted consumers and individuals familiar with the edible basket conglomerate contend that there’s nothing wrong with the  fruit bouquet company creating mesmerizing works of art to be savored, after all the name of the company is “Indulged.”

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