Edible Fruit Baskets Complement Wellness Programs

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With the emerging rate of diabetics and gluten allergies, cookies, candy and cake are no longer the ultimate birthday celebration victual for the impromptu, office celebration. At a time when corporations are starting to encourage employees to modify unhealthy lifestyle habits, edible fruit baskets outdistance sugar, processed and flour laden goodies.

The Willis Health and Productivity Survey, 2011 by Willis North America’s Human Capital Practice conducted a survey, regarding the percentage of U.S. employers, which have a wellness program in place.The  market research compiled data from 1,598 employers, transcending a cross spectrum of sectors, organizational sizes,  and regions. The results depicted that 60 percent of  companies were promoting wellness to employees through programs and other incentives. (1)

Most fruit bouquets consist of natural produce versus processed. Apples, strawberries, oranges pineapples are rich in  antioxidants and vitamins, validating the edible fruit basket’s nutritional sustenance.

With an edible fruit basket, companies need not worry about sending employees mixed messages.

Oranges represent an organic source of vitamin C. Pineapples are rich in vitamin C too. Medical research, documented by Mayo Clinic suggests that  individuals, maintaining diet short on vitamin C are susceptible to contracting a cold or the flu. The  subset of studies analyzed people living in extreme climates or extreme  conditions (i.e. marathon runners,skiers, and military personnel) concluding that vitamin C significantly lowered the risk of  colds, by an estimated 50%. (2)

The old adage, “an apple a day can keep the doctor away” is not the panacea for preventing illness. But, a study by a U of Illinois College of Medicine professor Gregory Freund determined that consuming foods such as apples and other fiber rich foods, boost the immune system. (3)

Many workplace environments are breeding grounds for germs, the common cold and bacteria.  Strawberries, a favorite content of the edible fruit basket abounds in the antioxidant, anthocyanins. In 2008, Science Daily reported that ‘strawberries rank fifth for the most consumed U.S. fresh fruit. Researchers determined from clinical trials that regular ingestion of strawberries leads to the human body’s ability to reproduce the antioxidant. (4)

Now, there’s a viable reason to order chocolate dipped strawberries as an alternative to the traditional fruit basket.

From the vitamins and antioxidants aboundant in the edible fruit basket,  gluten less compounds to its diet suitable qualities, fruit bouquets tend to corroborate the integrity of any wellness program, complementing the office party celebration.


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