How to Make an Easter Basket in a Jiff?

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It does not take an overactive imagination or a lot of cerebral matter  to brainstorm how to make an Easter basket. Whether the gift basket is intended for a child or adult, a personalized Easter basket stocked with the recipient’s favorite goods generally pleases. In fact, three steps simplify how to make an Easter basket in a jiff.

Step 1: How Make an Easter Basket: Shop

While store bought pre-made Easter baskets require one step, these gifts baskets lack the goods to really appeal to the recipient. The first and most vital step of making an Easter basket begins with the selection of contents. Create a list of the recipient’s favorite candy, cookies, toys, cartoon characters, mobile applications, and other trinkets small enough to fit in the Easter basket.

At Target, a hobby store or even a dollar shop, remember to buy the following objects:  an Easter basket, basket filler and a cellophane bag to wrap the Easter basket.

Substitute candy and sweets with healthy alternatives such as trail mix, raisins, and fruit (apple, bananas, kiwi, etc.).

Step 2: How Make an Easter Basket: Compile

Next, gather the contents and supplies (scissors, tape, and cellophane) for the Easter basket. Fill the bottom of the basket with the straw filler or paper confetti. Then, arrange the contents in the Easter basket burying some of the goodies in the bottom of the basket.

Step 3: How Make an Easter Basket: Wrap

Once all the items are in the basket, use tape to keep the items affixed in the basket. Then cover the basket in the cellophane or plastic wrap.

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