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Few people are aware that the fruit bouquet company known for carving fruit in the shape to resemble an edible bouquet, Edible Arrangements also owns Dipped Fruit. From cinnamon, mixed nuts to chocolate dipped fruit, the holiday gift ideas are not as expensive as the inventory at its flagship website.  As the online catalog features fresh edible  fruit, the site does not feature as many of the brands trademark fruit bouquets. Nevertheless, Edible Fruit reviewed the Dipped Fruit site to present our readers with the best chocolate dipped fruit.

Not bad for the price. Thirty-nine dollars buys a dozen of Granny Smith apples shrouded in an armor of crunchy almonds, coconut shaving and of course chocolate. The  trio of different chocolate dipped fruit comes in sets of four. 

Dipped with meaning. In the south, pineapples embody hospitality, and that’s why Dipped’s Chocolate Dipped Pineapple Daisies® with Coconuts are a delightful alternative to the typical housewarming gift over the holidays. This chocolate dipped fruit offering depicts pineapples cut in the form of a daisy, precisely layered in light shavings of coconut. (Includes a dozen for $32.

Satisfies most,.  Dipped. Fruit, Fruit Truffle affords an easy holiday recipe for  satisfying different palettes. This gift box is comprised of an assortment of pears and fruit concealed by truffles and a coating of crushed almonds, cinnamon, coconuts and of chocolate. ($32)

Even as Edible Arrangements seems to have cornered the online market of fresh fruit bouquets and dipped fruit.

Compared with other fresh fruit bouquet companies, where new fangled products are being born each year, Dipped Fruit needs to extend its coating flavors, ingredients, and toppings, it would really help the company stand apart from its competition. The editors of Edible Fruit dreamt up the following  new ideas:

What about a Granny Smith apple dipped in a topping reminiscent of apple pie? How about a banana layered in chocolate and caramel, which tastes like a banana foster?  And for birthday ideas, what about a selection of chocolate dipped fruit dedicated to astrology, carved to represent each sun sign.

Aside from chocolate dipped fruit, what other flavors and ingredients would you buy? Post your dream dipped fruit concoctions.

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