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The Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company showcases novel products, distinctive from other fruit bouquet companies. Edible Fruit found several unique and enlightening gifts at the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company.

What does one give a St. Louis Cardinal fan, who has a  love for apples and strawberries? The “Batter Up” is an aptly named gift from the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company,  resembling a baseball appears so real that some may not want to consume it.

The same applies to the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company’s “Go Long” fresh fruit bouquet. Here a pear shrouded in a brown exterior, exudes a remarkable resemblance to an NFL football, accompanied by strawberries clad in the same tasty covering.  Both fresh fruit bouquets present another indelible gift idea, whichever team the recipient follows.

Fresh fruit bouquets provided by the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company tend to be pricier than Edible Arrangements and Cherry Moon Farms. Perhaps, it has to do with the company’s limited brick and mortar stores and that the fruit bouquet company tends to target a corporate audience

Fresh fruit bouquet party favor for meetings and events consists of some delectable treats. Edible Fruit considered the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company’s chocolate round party to be a delightful treat.  Available in a variety of chocolate selections, white, milk and dark. Choose from yogurt, peanut butter, and chocolate dippings.For some company budgets, $3.99 per party favor may be steep.

Another fantastic option for a housewarming gift is fresh fruit bouquet blended with cheese: “Fruit & Cheese Bouquet.” Presented in a grapevine, ceramic container, the edible fruit bouquet is a medley of grapes, strawberries and gourmet cheeses, resembling roses. Available in two sizes, this order is best conducted by phone to determine which fresh fruit bouquet is  is suitable for your business event.
Although the Fresh Fruit Bouquet Company stands apart from its competition with novel gift ideas, its personalized and distinctive fresh fruit bouquets are a pricier.

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