Edible Fruit Baskets Vs. Cake

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How would you compare the difference between edible fruit baskets to cake?

From color, cost to calories, these consumable party favorites consist of a litany of differences. It used to be that  the cake commanded all the attention at birthday parties and other celebrations. These days, the edible fruit basket s at the helm of all the attention. So, we decided to conduct an analysis comparing  an edible fruit bouquet to cake. And to level the playing field, chocolate dipped fruit was included.

Dissimilar to a fruit bouquet, the cake has had a controversial past.

For starter’s there’s an urban legend, which refers to princess Marie Antoinette saying: “Let them eat cake, “in reference to the impoverished French of the late 1700s. As it turns out,  Jean-Jacques Rousseau essentially misquoted the princess. Then, there’s the American tradition that brides and grooms taste test wedding cakes in quest of the best cake baker.

Meanwhile, a fruit bouquet, does not have any urban legends or taste tests. But then again, these fruit  have been the centerpieces of some famous artists.

From red velvet chocolate cake to yellow mix, cake and fruit bouquet are equivocal given the different food colorings. Nevertheless, an edible fruit bouquet consists of an array of colors: green, orange, red, yellow and so on.

If you order a birthday cake from a bakery, expect to pay $40 or more for a three-layer cake with a customized salutation. Edible fruit bouquets start at $20 for an individual sized bouquet of chocolate dipped fruit.

Fruit baskets clean up easier than a birthday cake. The frosting and crumb factor contribute to the cake’s messy qualities. With a fruit bouquet—where the fruit has been carved to resemble a flower, the celebration tidy up involves the remnants of fruit,  spears and a few napkins. Meanwhile, forks, paper plates and napkins are not only another cost, but add to landfill matter.

Texture is the most overwhelming disparity  between cake and an edible fruit bouquet. A soft texture of sweet, melting into the palette is indicative of cake, whereby fruit releases traces of sweet and tart. With the hard outer shell of chocolate dipped fruit, an edible bouquet takes on  a fusion of flavors which, delights just as much as a piece of chocolate cake (without the calories).

Caloric value to Nutrition
But if one compares the nutritional and caloric value of the fruit bouquet to cake, an edible fruit basket is the definitive winner. After all, processed foods do not hold a candle to the natural vitamins and antioxidants available in chocolate dipped fruit and cake.

What type of person are you? Are you a cake eater or an edible baskets lover?

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