How to Make a Easter Basket – 6-Simple Steps

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If you’re wondering how to make a Easter basket, it’s more than likely because you’ve seen the pre-packaged Easter baskets available at the supermarket.  Unlike certain fruit basket companies, where the edible bouquet is made to order, many Easter Baskets are pre-packaged, exuding the qualities associated with most products ‘Made In China.’

Below are six simple steps on how to make a Easter basket that oozes with personality and love:

What’s needed?

  • 1-wicker basket or deep container
  • 1-Roll of lightly tinted cellophane wrap
  • Straw, shredded paper or tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Transparent tape
  • A ribbon or bow
  • Candy  (Peeps)
  • Favorite snacks
  • Fruit

The most important tip on how to make a Easter basket is to use the imagination.

1)    In order to get started on  your project on “how to make an Easter Basket,” first gather all the toys, candy snacks, gift certificates, books, stuffed animals and personalized items you plan  add to the Easter basket. This will help you ascertain how large a basket is needed to contain the contents of the Easter basket. Remember it’s those hand-picked goods that make a jaw-dropping Easter Basket.

2)    Select an Easter basket that reflects the recipient’s personality, interests or hobbies.

Where to find an Easter basket?

At the Dollar Store and thrift stores, baskets are available for an economical price (less than $). But remember that Easter baskets are not limited to the traditional wicker basket. Containers made of wire, fiberglass or even a straw hat are creative alternatives to the traditional Easter basket.

Some consumers order a fruit basket with fresh pieces of fruit in a traditional basket and fill it with the personal goods.

3)    Arrange the contents of the Easter basket, so that the items don’t cascade once the basket is opened. Use tissue paper or straw to help rig the gifts to hold them in place. Also, try to conceal some of the Easter baskets’ contents so all the goodies are not visible.

4)    Unroll a sheet of cellophane. Slip it underneath the Easter basket or container. Make sure that you have adequate paper to close, fold and tape the cellophane wrap around the basket.

5)    Fold in a quarter inch of the cellophane paper on each side and affix tape vertically.

6)    Next, tape a large bow over the front of the Easter bouquet.

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