5-Reasons It’s OK to Give an Edible Fruit Bouquet on Valentine’s Day

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Perhaps you have a unique relationship. Maybe, it’s the type of partnership that is not based on the size of the flower arrangement or meeting a standard on Valentine’s Day. There are five reasons it’s okay to give an edible fruit  bouquet:

1)    Sensual. Let’s face it—fruit has always been sexy. Eve started the reverence to fruit when she picked the forbidden apple in the Garden of Eden. Not to mention, there’s something quite juicy, mouthwatering and satisfying about fruit bouquets, (particularly the ones created by Edible Arrangements).

Ever notice how a  fruit bouquet and flowers have a longstanding contentious relationship in the world of art? The two subjects have been at the helm of many artists’ masterpieces. So why should Valentine’s Day be any different?

2)    Aphrodisiac. If you read the ingredients of a fruit bouquet, this article explains how and which components are linked to the love elixir.

3)    Sharing. Unlike the selfish qualities and single functionality of the flower bouquet, edible fruit bouquets are emblematic of sharing. It’s hard to slice and share flowers.

 When you buy an edible bouquet, it’s only naturally fitting that you partake in the consumption.

4)    Shows effort. Flower bouquets are expected Valentine’s Day gifts. But if you send chocolate dipped fruit, it looks like you really put some effort into the love-focused day..

5)    Last minute. On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2011, when most flower shops are booked for deliveries, depending where one orders an edible fruit bouquet, brick and mortar fruit bouquet companies (Edible Arrangements, and Harry and David) are open. That means a lot of people can place those last minute Valentine’s Day orders. (Also, Edible Arrangements offers an express services, where patrons can place orders and go).

Which will you give or send this Valentine’s Day: a flower arrangement or a fresh edible fruit bouquet?

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