How to order an Edible Fruit Basket for Bosses Day?

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How to order an edible fruit basket for Bosses Day with minimal office drama. Use this quick to-do list to put the plan in action:

Set the edible bouquet basket budget.

To ensure everyone’s involvement, set the edible fruit basket budget at $3 to $5 per person.


Get the group involved.

Send an email with three different bouquets for the team to help choose the best edible fruit basket. Be sure to inquire if anyone knows what the bosses’ favorite fruit is.   If the boss is bananas over pears, then Harry and David, may be the best choice for a fresh fruit bouquet made of organic Royal Riviera ® Pears. 

For an edible fruit basket with several different elements, Cherry Moon Farm’s edible fruit bouquets come with nuts, candy and other gourmet snacks. Not to mention, the edible fruit company also features a variation of organic edible fruit baskets. If the boss loves Edible Arrangements ®, customize the basket with the boss’ favorite fruits.  

In cases where your boss only eats organic fruit, click “fresh fruit bouquet” to read about ordering an organic edible fruit basket.

Place timely orders.

Order the bouquet two to three days in advance to avoid any delivery glitches.

If you’re racing with time and limited funds, you can save $10 by picking up your edible bouquet from Edible Arrangements. Since, the store offers fast made to order edible fruit baskets,  do a search on Google to find the closest fresh fruit bouquet company. To go the extra mile, Edible Arrangements can be ordered with a bouquet of balloons too.

Signatures please.

Have the team sign the card.

Present it.

Set aside a special time to present the fruit bouquet to your boss. Ask the boss for five minutes of his or her time. Make sure that your team contributors are available to participate in the presentation of the edible fruit basket.

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