How to Consume Holiday Fruit Baskets Without Wasting the Contents

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Holiday Fruit Baskets

How to get the most use out of a holiday fruit basket...


From Thanksgiving Day through the end of the year boxes of chocolate, Christmas cookies and holiday fruit baskets will pour into small offices and large workplaces across the nation. Whether the edible fruit bouquet is a Cherry Moon Farms, Harry and David or Edible Arrangements, the chances of those holiday fruit baskets being unconsumed are quite high. Given the rate of poverty, hunger,  and the energy generated to produce these fruit bouquets,  it’s virtually a crime to allow any of its contents to rot.

Barring an apple or pear’s core, the seed of a plum and the pit of a cherry there are several ways to make the most of holiday fruit basket. Start with these two steps and move on to the bullets below:

  1. Savor the favorite contents of the holiday fruit baskets
  2. Once, you’ve had your fill of the edible fruit bouquet, use the following tips to minimize wasting any of its contents:
  • Concealing any scars that hinder the appearance of the fruit, offer the remaining pieces to coworkers, family and friends.
  • Cut up remaining pieces of fruit and mix with yogurt, whip cream to create a parfait.
  • Bake a pie, turnover or pastry puff. This works if the remaining pieces of the holiday fruit basket are apples, strawberries, cherries, peaches or pears.
  •  A report published by RODALE NEWS  recommends slicing a green apple and giving it to anyone suffering from a migraine. Research shows that it quells the symptoms of a migraine.

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