Knowing the Difference Between Edible Fruit Baskets and Edible Fruit Bouquets

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What is the difference between edible fruit baskets and edible fruit bouquets?

Baskets are usually made of straw, bamboo, wood, metal and other sustainable products. Bouquet generally refers to a collection of flowers or edible fruit.  Although edible fruit baskets refer to the consumable goods, it does not necessarily mean the basket is edible.

Long before the Edible Arrangements ® , a fruit bouquet company, known for carving pieces of fruit to resemble the outline of a flower bouquet, fruit baskets were popular house warming gifts. Rather then place orders over the Internet or by phone, people would fill a basket full of fresh fruit, selected at the grocery store.

After Edible Arrangements ® grew in popularity, some people started to refer to the bouquets as edible fruit baskets.    

Which is better to give: edible fruit baskets or an edible fruit bouquet?

The basket versus the bouquet is another story altogether. At certain fruit bouquet companies, such as   Harry and David, or Cherry Moon Farms the edible fruit is not carved. Rather, it is filled with full, fresh fruit selections. For obvious reasons the fruit contained in a basket is not that different.

Apples, pears, oranges are the primary components of a fruit basket. Since these fruits travel better than bananas, plums and peaches, they make for better elements for edible fruit baskets.

Did you know that Edible Arrangements ®, edible fruit baskets are made to order for consumption within 48-hours or less.

If one were to compare the fruit quality of edible fruit baskets to edible fruit bouquet, it would be a toss up. Edible fruit bouquets, where the ingredients are carved, are fresher when the giver opts for an Edible Arrangements that is within a 10-mile radius of the recipient. 

In cases, where the edible fruit company is more than a 30-mile radius, the quality becomes questionable. That’s when Cherry Moon Farms and Harry and David’s edible fruit baskets serve as a savvier choice.

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