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Do edible baskets make good gift ideas?

I’ve been dating my girlfriend for six-months. Since, she still lives at home with her mother, who is turning 60 years old,, I would like to purchase her a present for her  birthday. Can you recommend a birthday gift idea that will score points with her mom without making me appear creepy?



Edible baskets serve as appropriate gift ideas. The only strategies, key to giving this gift, are to make sure that she is not allergic to citrus fruits and does not have an aversion to fresh fruit. Since fruit bouquet companies offer a variety of different gift ideas, refer to the following tips”

Edible Arrangements fulfills fruit bouquet orders on the same day.  Since the bouquet contains pineapples and oranges, make sure the recipient is not allergic to these citrus fruits. Also, Edible Arrangements lets customers customize their orders, which means a ripe selection of honeydew melon, cantaloupe, strawberries as well as pineapples and oranges. 

Pear lovers prefer the fruit bouquet featured by Harry and David. Handpicked from the fruit company’s orchard, the pears are certified by the USDA as organic. The edible baskets also accompany a mélange of tempting snacks, such as chocolate candy, nuts and other tasty snacks.  

From fresh fruit bouquets, a basket of nuts or both Cherry Moon Farms offers an innovative fruit basket gift idea. On day one, the recipient receives a bouquet of flowers (sunflower, miniature pink roses, mixed floral arrangement) and on day two, a dozen of hand-dipped strawberries arrive.  The fruit bouquet company features an online catalog of traditional  edible baskets.

To avoid the delivery surcharges, ranging  from $5 to $10 (and up), place edible basket orders with Edible Arrangements by phone. Then pick up the arrangement at the location in your area. Just be sure to place the order in the morning to assure that its ready in the afternoon.  As for averting the creep factor, skip the mushy greeting card.


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