Edible Fruit Centerpieces Stage Scores of Celebrations

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Edible fruit centerpieces stage more than the focal point of the celebration. These fresh presentations are ripe for consumption.  Birthdays, house warming parties and showers (bridal or baby) exemplify three occasions to showcase edible fruit centerpieces.

Bridal Shower.

There’s no need to divvy up flower bouquets with edible fruit centerpieces. Whether the bridal shower takes place at a restaurant or at one’s home, edible fruit centerpieces tend to outpace flower arrangements’ appeal.

Kids birthday party.

Yes, kids love birthday cake, however edible fruit centerpieces motivate kids to make nutritious choices. Replace bowls of potato chips with edible fruit centerpieces. Don’t forget to place napkins and paper plates in close proximity.

House warming gathering.

The kitchen island, dining room table, and patio are precise places to stage edible fruit centerpieces for the house warming. Even if several guests arrive with different fruit bouquets, these edible fruit presentations are rich, sweet and juicy.  

Office Baby Shower.

Office baby showers have all about maximizing the personal baby shower in the most efficient manner of time. Serving as a decoration and a delightful treat, these edible fruit centerpieces accommodate these celebrations. 


Trunk Show Party

The recipe for a fun and fuss free trunk show include the food. Keep it simple, serving finger food or snacks that do not require silverware. Like one or two edible fruit centerpieces, several artisan cheeses and gourmet crackers are adequate for the trunk show.


Whatever the occasion calls for, always station plenty of napkins in close proximity to the edible fruit centerpieces so your guest won’t drip juice.

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