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For the last half decade, edible fruit storefronts have been cropping up throughout the nation. A delectable alternative to the traditional bouquet, edible fruit is an artistic arrangement, resembling a bouquet of flowers. Unlike the fruit basket purveyor, Harry & David, Edible Arrangements ® is a thriving business opportunity.

Is there a high demand for fruit bouquets?

With more Americans concerned about living healthier, the consumer demand for healthy sustenance is booming.

What is the average cost of an Edible Arrangement® ?

Edible fruit arrangements range in price. Starting at $24 – $200.  Most consumers opt for the median priced fruit bouquets: $45-$75.

What is the profit margin for owning an edible fruit franchise? 

The profit margin for the ownership of an edible fruit franchise varies from start-up to start-up. For instance, a store located in an urban area will fare better than the one located in a rural are for obvious reasons. Primarily, the demand and financial means is better in a major metropolis versus a small town.

How profitable is it to own an Edible Arrangement ® franchise?

Studies released in 2008, showed that almost 45 percent of Edible Arrangement startups made more than $364,000 during the first 18-months in business. The statistic is based on 245 stores. 

What is the underlying advantage of starting an edible fruit basket company versus opting for a franchise?

Unlike independent new start ups, where the owner has to do everything without any support or protocol, a startup like Edible Arrangements ® provides the new proprietor with online support, guidance, quality control, operational compliance, and other useful assistance. Moreover, the franchise provides the new business owner everything they need to operate a profitable business.

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